IP Telephony


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)’s tremendous advantages over traditional analog voice technology have made it one of today’s most popular communications solutions and a fundamental component of Momenta’s Unified Communications practice. VoIP’s Internet-speed transmissions and inherently lower cost give it the potential to replace traditional wired phone service altogether, making it a no-brainer for Mid-Market customers, Contact Centers, and enterprise-sized global players alike.

VoIP services include:

  • Multi-service network assessment
  • System design and architecture
  • Deployment planning services
  • Intersite networking
  • Virtual workplace telecommuting design

    VoIP applications include:
  • Remote and mobile telephony
  • Integration between physical telephone and PC or Mac workstation
  • Voicemail and email integration with speech to text

Contact Centers


GTC has a rich and diverse experience in contact centers and being outsourced contact center operators, we face the business decisions and technological challenges you do on a daily basis. This experience of ours and our roots in voice technologies help us to design, implement, integrate and manage your contact center technology better than anyone else in the market.

Our Contact Center Solutions produce a wide range of benefits for organizations who choose them either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger Unified Communications Solution.

  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Smart Resource Allocation
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Time Savings:
  • Improved Processes:
  • Increased Closing Rates
  • Built-In Training

Unified communication


GTC has a long heritage of designing and deploying the very products which have become today’s most essential collaboration infrastructure and application suites.

The myriad of benefits our customers derive from our Unified Communications Solutions have transformed organizations and generated tremendous efficiencies in time, money and sanity. Your organization can have the benefits of Simplified Information-Sharing, Enhanced Mobility, Faster Decision-Making, Scalable Technology, Affordable Efficiencies, Affordable for SMBs and Easy Integration.

UC and Collaboration Solutions are portfolios of solutions which incorporate multiple enterprise communication technologies and applications, as well as their associated software, services and equipment, to produce an environment that best supports the way your users work – offices, homes, mobile locations, your customers' locations – resulting in a workforce that’s efficient anywhere and everywhere. Our UC group provides services including design, integration and management for whichever packages best suit your enterprise.

We have expertise in a wide range of Unified Communications applications.




GTC is a leading provider of automated call answering services and interactive voice response (IVR) phone systems. Our IVR services include both outsourced call answering as well as the development of custom IVR applications. IVR applications can reside on IVR phone systems provided by us or we can manage this application using IVR outsourcing services using its secure call center.

Our IVR call answering services can be provided to any size group or organization. Our in-house IVR service processes incoming calls using technology that answers calls without an operator.

GTC employs an experienced IVR programming staff that can deliver comprehensive IVR solutions quickly. Using this advanced technology, information can be provided to your callers at the touch of a phone keypad, 24 hours a day.

From web integration to external database access using voice XML messaging, we can develop comprehensive information applications in a short period of time.

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